Professional Grade Carbon Steel Construction // Hardened Steel Jaws // Quick Release Action // High Leverage Superior Terminal Crimp


Ratcheting Terminal Crimper

Effortless crimping with hardened steel jaws, middle carbon steel construction, and a professional-grade ratchet mechanism that automatically releases and springs open for the next job.

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// Model No. RC519-IT

Meets UL486

Effortless // Comfortable

Quality // Guaranteed

Safe // Reliable

Stop wasting time with tools that require you to crimp more than once to get the job done, The BANTCO Ratcheting Terminal Crimper features ensure that you only have to crimp once, saving you time and frustration.

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*FREE Shipping within Australia

// Adjustable Compression

Adjustable clamping force coupled with ratcheting mechanism enables precise, repeatable crimps. Compression wheel can be adjusted by removing screw.

// Built-in Safety

The quick release trigger doubles as a built-in safety feature allowing manual opening of the jaws. If the tool becomes jammed or stuck, just lift the quick release lever and the tool will open.


The BANTCO ratcheting action produces a double crimp for increased mechanical strength and maximum electrical conductivity. It ensures sufficient pressure is applied while preventing over-crimping that could result in wire/terminal damage and increased electrical resistance.

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The BANTCO Ratcheting Terminal Crimper stands up to the best wire crimpers on the market today at a fraction of the cost. So if you’re looking to save some money without massively compromising on quality, then you can’t do better than BANTCO.

BANTCO (Banana Tool Co) is an Aussie-owned and operated family business located in sunny rural Queensland just outside the small town of Banana.

Despite what tourists would assume the town is not named after the fruit, but is the name of a famous local bull known for his calm nature and dependable reliability… which inspired the mark in our logo.