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DIY Tips for getting the perfect crimp first time, every time

Instructions for the BANTCO RC519-it ratcheting terminal crimper

  • Do not use on live wires. Handle grips do not provide protection against electrical shock
  • Always adhere to local legislation and follow appropriate safety precautions.
  • Crimps insulated terminals 0.5mm2 – 6mm2 (22AWG – 10AWG)
  • Meets or exceeds UL486 wire connectors standard

To achieve an effective crimp joint; aim to have the maximum amount of contact between the terminal and wire, whilst not exposing bare wire that may short circuit on other components.

Estimate the amount of insulation to be removed to suit the terminal you are crimping.

Strip back the insulation using a wire stripper or similar and place the wire in the terminal to verify your estimate.

Fully close the handles to release the ratchet and allow the jaws to open.

There are two methods that you may wish to follow, depending on what you find most comfortable.

1. Insert the wire into the terminal and then place it in the corresponding cavity and crimp.

– OR –

2. Grip the terminal with the jaws by lightly squeezing the handles ensuring to not distort the terminal and then insert the wire into the terminal and crimp.

Be sure to place the terminal into the appropriate colour coded crimping cavity

Wire size mm2 Wire size AWG Cavity Colour
0.5 – 1.0 22 – 18 Red
1.5 – 2.5 16-14 Blue
4 – 6 12-10 Yellow

If you wish to reposition the terminal lift the quick release trigger and the handles will open releasing the jaws.

Once you have the terminal correctly positioned, squeeze firmly on the handles crimping the terminal until the ratchet releases and allows the handles to automatically open. The process is now complete and the tool is ready for the next crimp.

If you need to adjust the crimping pressure you may remove the locking screw from the adjustment wheel. Rotate the wheel clockwise to decrease the pressure and counter-clockwise to increase. Line up one of the indents on the adjustment wheel with the screw hole and refit the locking screw.